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Question: How do I get my application no.? I can see I have to login with my application no.

Answer: Your application no. is a ten (10) alphanumeric string which will be sent to your email address on creation of an account. The application no. is in the format APP12*****

Question: How do I get my password?

Answer: You will create your choice of password on creation of account. Make sure you keep the password safe.

Question: I noticed one long secret code in the email sent to me, what does that mean?

Answer: Actually, that secret code is a second level security check which you will be required to provide in case of password lost or compromise. Make sure you keep it safe.

Question: Am I obliged to fill all the information required to apply for these jobs?

Answer: No! The required data may vary with respect to job positions. For instance, some job positions might require that you supply more information about your researches and so on, whereas some doesn't. Endeavour to only fill the menus to which you have available information. However, make sure you complete all the required fields for any menu you may wish to fill.

Question: I am not from Nigeria, but I want to apply. Can I?

Answer: Yes! This application is open to all individuals who may be interested in any of the job positions. However, on the menu 'Biodata' where you are required to fill your State of Origin, make sure you choose 'Others' as only Nigeria's state are available.

Question: How many referees details am I supposed to supply?

Answer: Three (3) referees' details are required.

Question: How many of my credentials can I upload?

Answer: There's no limitation to the number of credentials you can supply. However, make sure you only supply the relevant credentials to your job positions and those that matches the information supplied. Make sure all your uploads are in the correct format of .pdf, 200kb for all credentials and .jpg, 100kb for passports.

Question: I have finished applying on the portal, what next?

Answer: After you might have completed your application on this portal, you still have the priviledge to always login and edit or add more information. However, all editions or additions shall be disregarded immediately a process has been initiated on the application enteries. Also on the 'My dashboard' menu, there exist a tab, 'My Enteries.', you can click on the 'Click to see more enteries' link to print a copy of your application. You may wish to keep that for your own records.

For more information or questions, contact: recruitment@fubk.edu.ng